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In case you want to use OverlayMessageBox in your own .NET application, you can do so easily.

Add a reference to OverlayMessageBox.dll and CommandLine.dll.

In the class where you want to use it, add it with USING

 using OverlayMessageBoxLibrary;  

Then code right away

            OverlayMessageBoxSettings settings = new OverlayMessageBoxSettings();
            settings.Caption = "Title goes here";
            settings.Headline = "My Headline";
            settings.Text = "Sample text";
            settings.Symbol = OverlayMessageBoxSymbol.Warning;
            settings.ButtonSet = OverlayMessageBoxButtonSet.RetryCancel;

            if (OverlayMessageBox.Show(settings) == OverlayMessageBoxButton.Cancel)
                MessageBox.Show("Cancel selected!");

If you are using the Headline parameter (which will trigger a TaskDialog instead of a MessageBox), you might need to add a reference to the new ComCtrl32.dll v6.0 by using a manifest. For details, see this:

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